Selenium – Java Tutorial series

Nowadays, Selenium has became a popular automation testing tool for browsers testing.

Selenium is open source, have many contribution community around the world. So I created blogs to share my experiences about Selenium and something I have learn/read from other sources.

I. Selenium Basic

  1. Selenium 3.0 released!!!
  2. Create simple java + maven project with Inteliji
  3. Add dependencies for maven selenium project

II. Selenium common functions

  1. Selenium common functions- part1
  2. Selenium common functions- part2
  3. Selenium common function -part 3
  4. Selenium common functions -part 4
  5. Framework configuration – Read properties file
  6. Read data from Google sheet code

III. Selenium Extends

  1. Introduction to Fluentlenium (Java series)
  2. How to put parameter into xpath string (Java)
  3. Writing a simple code using Fluentlenium for Selenium Java
  4. Selenium script to run on mobile mode of chrome Desktop
  5. Selenium-java: Screenplay example