Introduction to Fluentlenium (Java series)

Most of the methods in Fulentlenium are Domain specific, meaning their methods are meaningful based on the action it’s going to perform, like one we do for our Keyword driven framework, some of the methods are this:

  • fill as opposed to sendKeys of selenium
  • click as opposed to generic Click of Selenium
  • goTo as opposed to get of Selenium

Here is link to get the jar file :


And here is simple code:

import org.junit.Test;
import static org.fest.assertions.Assertions.assertThat;

public class BingTest extends FluentTest {

public void title_of_bing_should_contain_search_query_name() {

Thanks for reading the post !!!

Please leave your comments and let me know if there is anything I should update in this post.

Ha Do

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