Create Android Virtual Device from command line

This post will be described how to create AVD from command line, and need some requirements configurations: (find in previous posts)

  1. Installed Android sdk
  2. Install Java jdk
  3. Setup JAVA_HOME and added to PATH
  4. Setup ANDROID_HOME and added to PATH



Step1: List out all android target:

open command line tool and type command

android list target


Step 2: select a android target version to create new emulator and type command below:

android create avd -n <AVD_NAME -t <android_version>

ex: android created -n AVD1 -t android 5

Step3: Check created AVD

Type command below

android list avd


Step4: Start android emulator

Type command:

cd %ANDROID_HOME%\tools

emulator @AVD


So for future, you need create batch file to create and start android emulator as you need.!!


Hope this help 🙂

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