Setting Genymotion as Android Emulator – Active Google play services

  • Down load and install Genymotion

  • Installing Google play/Chrome browser on Genymotion

    1. Download the following ZIPs:
    1. Next open your Genymotion VM and go to the home screen
    2. Now drag&drop the onto the Genymotion VM window.
    3. It should say “File transfer in progress”. Once it asks you to flash it, click ‘OK’.
    4. Now reboot your VM using ADB (adb reboot) or an app like ROM Toolbox. If nescessary you can simply close the VM window, but I don’t recommend it.
    5. Once you’re on the home screen again drag&drop the gapps-* (the name varies) onto your VM, and click ‘OK’ when asked.
    6. Once it finishes, again reboot your VM and open the Google Play Store.
    7. Sign in using your Google account
    8. Once in the Store go to the ‘My Apps’ menu and let everything update (it fixes a lot of issues). Also try updating Google Play Services directly.
    9. Now try searching for ‘Netflix’ and ‘Google Drive’
    10. If both apps show up in the results and you’re able to Download/Install them, then congratulations: you now have ARM support and Google Play fully set up!

I’ve tested this on Genymotion v2.0.1-v2.1 using Android 4.3 and 4.4 images. Feel free to skip the GApps steps if you only want the ARM support. It’ll work perfectly fine by itself.

Old Zips:v1.0. Don’t download these as they will not solve your issues. It is left for archival and experimental purposes.

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