[Selenium] Handle Ajax, loading page, state of element

This section will show a solution to handle ajax while perform selenium scripts with java.

selenium have methods to check status of web element such as: isDisplayed(), isVisibled(), isSelected() but in actual, we face many cases that theirs functions is not work well.

For wait function, Selenium have 3 types:

For handle that, we need methods to check/verify page loading/ajax to make the automation scripts more stabled. Below some functions I created when i worked on projects before.

  1. wait for element

    public WebElement waitForElement(WebDriver driver, WebElement el) { WebElement element = (new WebDriverWait(driver,10)).until(ExpectedConditions.elementToBeClickable(el));
    return element;

2.  wait for page loaded


3. wait element with timeout

public void waittimeElement(WebElement element, int seconds) throws Exception
long endtime = System.currentTimeMillis() + seconds * 1000;
while (System.currentTimeMillis() < endtime)
if (element.isDisplayed()) {

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