What is “Testing tool” ?

Some people will think about selenium, QTP but the “Testing tool” I mentioned are JUnit, TestNG, NUnit, Rspec, SpecFlow, Cucumber, … or you can find define of Unit Testing tool

The Testing tools is one of importance components of ~Automation Framework~.

We should have knowledge about Testing tool features, this post I will describe my experiences when I used them.

1. Test case components

There are 4 main components within a test case:

  1. Pre-conditions
  2. Main actions
  3. Expected results
  4. Clean/Clear test data

Based on this concept, Testing tool have functions/procedures to describe like:

  • For Pre-conditions have:

*JUnit/TestNG*: @BeforeSuite, BeforeClass, BeforeMethod

*NUnit*              : [SetupFixture], [Setup]

*RSpec*              : before[:all], before[:each]

  • For Test

*JUnit/TestNG*: @Test

*NUnit*              : [Test]

  • For Clean/Clear Test

*JUnit/TestNG*: @AfterSuite, AfterClass, AfterMethod

*NUnit*              : [TearDown]

*RSpec*              : after[:all], after[:each]

2. Test events catcher

Test events catcher is very importance feature of testing tool that have you generate your customization reports.

3. Expected result

Testing tool have many assertion method to compare expected and actual result to make a test valid.

  • TestNG have *AssertJUnit*
  • NUnit have *Assert*
  • RSpec have *expect().to*



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