Chocolaty – The package manager for Windows


You can find many tool to manage packages on MAC, Linux but on Windows maybe lesses.

This week, I read a blog use chocolaty to install packages on Windows via command line, so i create this post to share it to everybody.

The first, you can read chocolaty at:

and installation guide at:


** Installation steps

Step 1: You need install powershell in your windows first:

Download Windows Management Framework (WMF)


 Step 2: Enable RemoteSigned for Powershell(Open with Administrator) via command:


$Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Step 3: Install Chocolaty:

$iwr -UseBasicParsing | iex



** Install some packages with Chocolaty

  1. Install Java JDK:

Goto and find Java JDK like screenshot below:



When you use chocolaty, the environment variable will be added to your system automatically. (:D)

   2. Install maven




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