Selenium-java: Screenplay example

Last week, i have read a post about ScreenPlay design pattern, and hear it in Selenium Conference 2016. So today I created this post to show "How to implement ScreenPlay in Selenium Java". For concepts and comparison between Page Object and ScreenPlay, please find in attached links in this my post. URL: Test case steps: Click … Continue reading Selenium-java: Screenplay example

Finding elements with appium desktop

Appium desktop is new UI app and just beta version, you can find at To use Appium Desktop to inspect elements, following steps below: Start appium server by click "Start Server" button Open Android emulator or real device In Appium desktop app, open new session window (File -> new session window or cmd + N(MAC)) … Continue reading Finding elements with appium desktop

Chocolaty – The package manager for Windows

You can find many tool to manage packages on MAC, Linux but on Windows maybe lesses. This week, I read a blog use chocolaty to install packages on Windows via command line, so i create this post to share it to everybody. The first, you can read chocolaty at: and installation guide at:   ** … Continue reading Chocolaty – The package manager for Windows

Add dependencies for maven selenium project

Please see my previous post about Create simple java + maven project with Inteliji, in this post, i will show how to add dependencies.   Open the pom.xml file and add <dependencies> ..</dependencies> block: You can find more maven dependency at: and the pom.xml file will be like it: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> … Continue reading Add dependencies for maven selenium project