Appium installation on Windows – Android Studio

Step 1: Install JAVA JDK Download java jdk from here. Step 2: Configure JAVA_HOME i) Go to System>>Advanced System Setting>>Environment variable>>System Variable >>New ii) Update Path variable Append %JAVA_HOME%\bin to Path variable. Step 3: Install Android SDK or Android Studio Download and install it from here. Step 4: Configure ANDROID_HOME i)Add ANDROID_HOME to environment variable. … Continue reading Appium installation on Windows – Android Studio


Tutorial #2: Setup drivers for cross browsers testing

Download geckodriver-32 bit or geckodriver-64 bit Download chromedriver Download IEDriver 32 bit or IEDriver -64 bit Download EdgeDriver   --> Extract all of zip files above then put them in folder: C:\\Windows\

Tutorial #1 : Setup Ruby environment

I. Windows OS Install RubyInstaller 2.3.3 (64-bit, 32-bit) During installation, check box for Add Ruby executable to PATH Download and extract the RubyInstaller DevKit to a known location (e.g., C:\DevKit) (32-bit, 64-bit) Open a command prompt (Start, Run, cmd, Enter) Change directories to the extracted DevKit directory (cd C:\DevKit) Run the DevKit init script with … Continue reading Tutorial #1 : Setup Ruby environment

Create Slack command to notify automation result – Ruby language

    Nowaday, many IT project have automation testing suite, and they want notify after the automation run complete automatically. This post maybe help them, it is one of solution if their team you Slack. You can use Incoming Webhook to post a notify request to Slack channel   Here is screenshot of setting: and … Continue reading Create Slack command to notify automation result – Ruby language

Start Jenkins job from slack command

Slack is one of popular communication open source tool. Many team use it for work. If your project has  Jenkins server and development team want build/run test via Slack command, this post maybe helpful. The first you need install jenkins plugin: Build Token Root Plugin Then Enabled Trigger builds remotely in your Jenkins job like screenshot below:  So from … Continue reading Start Jenkins job from slack command